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Webinar: Using the MeL Maven Badge to Create a Statewide Standard of Reference Service Among Front Line Staff

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Originally presented October 27, 2021

Michigan has a decades-long history of experimenting with methods to teach eResource use to front-line staff. Michigan took advantage of online learning to create a statewide standard of service using real-world reference situations like solving a Pinterest fail, providing research services to city officials, and homework help, to provide front line staff with a context in which to practice digital literacy using the eResource tools that the state library contracts for.

In this webinar, Sonya Schryer Norris and Liz Breed discuss the development of a six-part, asynchronous training experience: the MeL Maven Badge.

Bonus: The Library of Michigan is also releasing a 3-part Information Literacy Badge for frontline public library staff everywhere. See it unveiled during this webinar!

Takeaways include:

  • Baking professional skills-building into eResource training.

    Using narrative to model behavior and set aspirational goals for learners in training environments.

    How to leave politics on the back porch when teaching information literacy skills.

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Click the link below to download the presentation slides:
MeL Maven Slides

Click the link below to see the MeL Maven Badge: 
MeL Maven Badge


Julie Edwards

Julie Edwards is a librarian and instructional designer with Niche Academy. She's worked in public and academic libraries across the United States and taught Library and Information Studies at the University of Botswana as part of a Fulbright Fellowship. She's passionate about how libraries help people build individual and community assets.

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