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Webinar: Users at the Center of Everything: Service Design in Rapidly Changing Libraries

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Originally presented July 7, 2021

Services and the way we deliver them are changing quickly and unpredictably. Being intentional about what we do and and how we do it is what we mean by service design. Digital, physical, and even philosophical: it’s all about service.

Callan Bignoli and Lauren Stara present an exploration of service design – what it is and how it can make your library better by keeping users at the center of every decision.

Learning objectives:
- Learn how to harness rapid change and community feedback to provide more responsive, user-centered library service

- Understand the ways in which libraries straddle the physical and the digital, in areas such as service provision and collections, illuminating how they overlap and can be improved using similar philosophies

- Embrace an openness to change as a foundation for project management, problem solving, preparing for future challenges, personal reflection and self-care, and leadership.

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Click the link below to download the presentation slides:
Users at the Center of Everything

Julie Edwards

Julie Edwards is a librarian and instructional designer with Niche Academy. She's worked in public and academic libraries across the United States and taught Library and Information Studies at the University of Botswana as part of a Fulbright Fellowship. She's passionate about how libraries help people build individual and community assets.

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