on July 17, 2020 Library Education Webinars

Webinar: The library employee journey: from recruitment to onboarding and life-long learning

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Originally presented July 15, 2020

James Ouellette Jr., training specialist at Allen County Public Library, shares best practices for training library staff.

He discusses the differences between onboarding and orientation, as well as how organizations can create equal opportunities for employees to succeed at their jobs.

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James Ouellette

James Ouellette started his career working as a janitor for a factory outside of Detroit, Michigan. He eventually moved on to the line, and then into the offices. While in an administrative role, he became very curious about the employee experience. He later left this job and moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where he worked for a nationwide senior housing company as the Director of Corporate Experience. In this capacity, he traveled throughout the nation helping to implement organizational culture and training. Most recently he was hired by the Allen County Public Library as their training specialist. Along the way, James earned his certificate in Human Resource Management from Cornell University. He still is energized by learning the many different ways employees interact within an organization and how training strategies can ensure success for both the employee and the organization.

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