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Webinar: Supporting Our Growing Transfer Student Population: The Value of Being an Informed and Collaborative Librarian

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Originally presented March 31, 2021

Transfer student populations continue to grow as part of the college and university landscape, but they may not have a firm foundation in information literacy and, to a large extent, can be underserved. This deficit can contribute to “transfer shock” and impact student persistence toward graduation.

Information literacy is multi-disciplinary; therefore college and university libraries and librarians can play a vital role contributing to the academic success of and holistic support for transfer students.

In this webinar, Peggy Nuhn and Dr. Karen Kaufmann talk about the pathways transfer students may take, examine what “transfer shock” is, and share practical and impactful tips that may be implemented at your institution. 

As this sector of our student populations are a prominent part of our higher education system, we must be able to support their academic success as educators and as a vital part of our campus community. We can participate in supporting institutional initiatives which may include Performance-Based Funding, an increasing source of institutional revenue and strongly correlated to student success metrics.

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Supporting Our Growing Transfer Student Population

Julie Edwards

Julie Edwards is a librarian and instructional designer with Niche Academy. She's worked in public and academic libraries across the United States and taught Library and Information Studies at the University of Botswana as part of a Fulbright Fellowship. She's passionate about how libraries help people build individual and community assets.

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