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Webinar: Stop Hiring Bad Bosses: How to Strengthen Your Management Recruitment Strategies

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Originally presented June 23, 2021

Gallup finds that organizations fail to choose the right candidate for leadership positions over 82% of the time. In terms of employee morale, exit interviews and workplace culture surveys show that toxic bosses are the number one reason employees leave or disengage from the organization. Libraries that recruit better bosses tend to have healthier, happier organizations with more inclusive work environments.   

During this informative webinar, Elaina Norlin shares:

  • How to identify common management/supervisor/ leadership recruitment mistakes.  
  • How to create “leadership vision statements” that will provide more focus and clarity to support long term strategic planning. 
  • How to align your new “leadership vision statements” with potential candidate interview questions.

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Stop Hiring Bad Bosses Slides

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Elaina Norlin

Elaina Norlin is the Professional Development DEI Coordinator for the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries. She is an accomplished teacher, technology and leadership development trainer, and writer with extensive leadership experience and a flair for public relations, organizational development, marketing and persuasion and communications. Author of three books, she has delivered over 70 workshops, training sessions, presentations, and institutes both nationally and internationally on marketing, web usability design, facilitation, strategic influence, and conflict management. She is the author of the Six Step Guide to Library Worker Engagement (ALA, 2021).

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