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Webinar: Using Power Mapping to Advocate More Effectively for Your Library

Power Mapping is a political technique that helps you understand human connections in your community to effectively advocate for key library initiatives.

Webinar: Using Power Mapping to Advocate More Effectively for Your Library

Originally presented Aug 3, 2017

A broad base of community support is essential to a healthy library. Sometimes, though, you have initiatives and plans for your library that are never going to fly without support from key decision makers within your community. So how do you win support from those key people? The answer: Power Mapping. Power Mapping is a political technique that allows you to identify specific influencers and secure their support for your cause.

Patrick "PC" Sweeney will walk you through the details of the Power Mapping technique and explain how it can be applied in your own local context. Patrick is a veteran of many library campaigns and is the Political Director at EveryLibrary.

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To help you more effectively implement Power Mapping for your library and engage other library stakeholders in the process, the following materials are provided:

Free online Power Mapping tutorial

You can engage with this tutorial at one sitting or in a series of short time snippets. It includes short, engaging videos and concise, sequential instruction.


These worksheets provide a template for the specific exercises described in the training.


This is the PowerPoint Patrick presented.

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