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Originally presented May 3, 2023

Are all learners welcome in your library? There are at-home learners in your community, and the library is the single most important resource to DIY educators.

Join Christina Giovannelli Caputo, author of Library Services to Homeschoolers: A Guide to learn how to engage homeschoolers in your community and welcome all learners to your library. 

Christina dives into the history, methods, and growing diversity of home education, and explores outreach opportunities and program inspirations to put into practice in your library

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UPDATED Welcome to the Reference Desk

The Reference Interview

Patrons have questions, and not everyone is able to access and understand technology or information. Reference service is customer service—one bad interaction can affect how someone views the library. But, one great interaction can make someone comfortable and confident in using the library and its resources. 


UPDATED Going Fine Free

Going Fine Free 

More and more libraries are interested in going fine free. It turns out fines don’t actually increase return rates. In fact, removing fines can help increase library use and patron goodwill while reducing staff stress. Learning why you should remove fines—and how to do it—can lead to better community relationships and a more efficient, creative library! 


UPDATED Community Mapping

Community Mapping for Public Libraries

With so many unique people in the community, it's impossible to know what everyone thinks and feels. Assuming what a patron wants gives them the experience they expect at best, and at worst turns them off the library. To avoid losing patrons, you need to understand the community's wants and needs. And there's no better way to understand people's needs than by creating a community map.


UPDATED Diversity Audits

Assessing Collections With Diversity Audits

Many librarians spend a lot of time making sure library materials reflect the diversity of the community. But it can be hard to tell if the items you buy truly make the collection more diverse. Diversity audits quantify how well the collection represents the community. Instead of hoping for a well-rounded library, diversity audits help you know if the collection is truly diverse.