Originally presented November 15, 2019

In today’s fast-paced news cycle, knowing what information to trust is more important than ever before, but many library users are a loss when it comes to understanding how information is created and distributed online. In this one-hour webinar, Drexel University College of Information Science & Computing's Prof. Denise Agosto discuses the role of library staff in recognizing and realizing their responsibility for teaching users how to determine if information is accurate, reliable, and worthy of being shared.

Questions addressed include:

  • What is fake news?
  • How is it relevant to Library services?
  • What roles can librarians play in the fight against fake news?

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You can download the slides from the presentation by clicking here:

Information Literacy and Libraries in the Age of Fake News.pptx

This is one of a series of Niche Academy Webinars

Denise Agosto

Denise Agosto, is Director of the Master’s of Library & Information Science Program at Drexel University. Her research focuses on young people’s use of social media and the implications for library services. She has won many awards and grants for her research and teaching, and for her more than 100 scholarly publications. Her most recent book is Information Literacy and Libraries in the Age of Fake News (Libraries Unlimited, 2018).

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