Originally presented January 15, 2020

Every library needs to have a disaster management plan in place before disaster strikes. Making use of new technologies can greatly reduce the stress and effort required to create an effective plan. In this one-hour webinar, Carmen Cowick discusses the best websites, apps, and other technology to add to your current disaster plan. She'll show you how to enable your staff with tools and information that they can access on-the-go, and highlight tools that can make you better prepared for a disaster.

After participating in this webinar, you'll be able to:

  • Discover the advantages of adding technology to disaster planning 
  • Recall the features of each of the tech tools discussed
  • Identify the tech tools that would be appropriate for your institution
  • Apply and integrate new technology with a traditional disaster plan


Click below to experience this webinar as a tutorial. When you continue past the introduction to the webinar, you'll be prompted to log in. We require login to view the whole tutorial so we can provide certificates of completion for your records and for professional development credit. No purchase is required and you can create a Niche Academy account if you don't already have one. The certificate will be available for download when you have completed all sections of the tutorial.


This is one of a series of Niche Academy Webinars 


Carmen Cowick

Carmen Cowick is director of preservation services at Preserve This, where she provides training, support, and consulting services for libraries in the areas of preservation and collections care. She is the author of the book Crash Course in Disaster Preparedness published by Libraries Unlimited. She coauthored the book chapter "Planning for a Disaster: Effective Emergency Management in the 21st Century," in Handbook of Research on Disaster Management and Contingency Planning in Modern Libraries. She has authored articles for peer-reviewed journals and presented at regional and national conferences on preservation and collections care topics.

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