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Originally presented March 15, 2023

Insurance is the last form of protection against financial catastrophe. But until now, consumers had no way of knowing if the company they were buying from was good about delivering on their promise to pay claims.

In this webinar, Dan Karr shares how big data and technology have combined to make understanding insurance reliable, accurate and easy. You'll learn how to find out how good any insurance company is for protecting and serving policyholders, and how to share that information with patrons!

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Helping Consumers Navigate Sky-High Insurance Slides

Helping Consumers Navigate Sky-High Insurance Chat Transcript

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Avoiding Online Scams and Threats tutorial image--ba3e03b7-7773-46b5-b6fb-d3d236d9596f_thumb

Avoiding Common Online Scams and Threats

Even tech-savvy users can be confused by online scams and fraud. Falling for a scam is embarrassing and can result in identity theft, computer viruses, and other headaches. But scams, even sophisticated ones, can be avoided. A few simple actions can reduce panic to keep you and your computer safe. 

Addressing Your Digital Footprint Thumbnail

Addressing Your Digital Footprint 

Whether sending emails or shopping for a new car, we all leave a trail of data, or a digital footprint, every time we go online. It can be hard to know how much personal information is floating around the web—and even harder to know how it is being used. Understanding your digital footprint can increase your control of, and who has access to, your data! 


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Mobile Apps and Privacy

Apps keep you connected, but the convenience they offer comes at a cost. While you connect to other people and the world, your app may be connecting to advertisers, businesses, and strangers in ways you can’t imagine. Knowing what apps are, the kinds of data they collect, and what happens with that data can help you protect your privacy—and the privacy of people you love. 


AssessingYourOnlineRisk tutorial image--b2b1c1b6-1d1f-476b-9623-dc75bed5c443_thumb

Assessing Your Online Risk

It can be scary to think about passwords being hacked, or having your identity stolen, but there are things you can do to protect your information. A risk assessment can help you decide what online information is valuable, how vulnerable it is, and how to protect it.