on October 15, 2020 Library Education Webinars

Webinar: GovInfo Phobia: How to Get over that “Deer in the Headlights” Feeling

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Originally presented October 14, 2020

You’ve just been asked a question about a bill in Congress, or perhaps about the history of a law, or maybe even a census question. You know that the answer is online, but just how exactly can you answer it? You know you can type words into Google, but you want to provide an authoritative answer, the best answer.

This webinar gives guidance on where to go on the web and how to think about difficult questions. It focuses on the workings of Congress, basic legal questions, statistical and census questions, and even patents to make you more confident the next time you are asked about government information.

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Click the link below to download the presentation slides:
GovInfo Phobia Slides


Chris Brown

Christopher C. Brown, Professor, is Reference Librarian and Coordinator of Government Documents at the University of Denver, Main Library, where he has been in that position since 1998. He has been a government information librarian since 1998 and assists University of Denver students, as well as members of the general public, in finding the government information they need. His newest book, published in April, is Mastering United States Government Information: Sources and Services (Libraries Unlimited). Chris has taught as an adjunct professor in the University of Denver Library School program for over 20 years.

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