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Webinar: Future Proof Your Team

In this free one-hour webinar, Catherine Hakala Ausperk will offer immediate and practical steps to begin helping your team adapt to rapid change and thrive in shifting environment.

Webinar: Future Proof Your Team

Originally presented March 13, 2019

In this free one-hour webinar, Catherine Hakala-Ausperk offers real solutions to library leaders feeling overwhelmed by the pace of change around them. The context in which the library operates has shifted so dramatically that for many library managers, even adapting seems out of reach, let alone finding a way to thrive. How can you direct and support a team when you're barely treading water yourself?

Catherine will offer immediate steps you can take to begin to tame the chaos and chart a course into the future. She'll give you exercises, activities, and self-directed questions to

step back and reflect on what’s happening, what’s out of whack, and what you can do to get focused;

think about what changes your users really want from libraries, as well as what your team needs from you as a leader;

build trust and confidence in the future among the people you supervise;
identify simple and effective solutions to current and future problems;

finalize your plan by creating lists, sketching out a calendar, and following up with your team; and

plan ways to adapt to changes while staying grounded.

This planner will ensure you keep moving forward by guiding you in taking concrete, positive steps—right away, soon, and in the future.



You can download the slides from Cathy's presentation here:

future proof your team

Also, If you are interested in Cathy's book, on this subject, you can get a 5% discount at the ALA Store using this code: FPYT19

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