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Webinar: From Inspiration to Evaluation - Guidelines for Tutorial Creators

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Originally presented June 5, 2019

Here at Niche Academy, we've always wanted to make it easier for people to create their own training and we've been delighted to see so many people start creating tutorials. One of the things we frequently hear is a lack of confidence in the quality of what they produce. This webinar is a confidence booster, giving you some simple ideas that make for really effective online training and foundational ways to evaluate your tutorials.

In this free one hour webinar Jeremy Tuttle "JT" will draw from our community of creators to highlight examples of good design practices--how to set learner expectations and deliver a rewarding learning experience. We'll talk about quizzes and activities and how to leverage them to make learning interactive and verifiable. We'll talk about using tutorials in conjunction with in-person training, and even cover a few key features like certificates, access control, and tagging.

By nurturing a community of creators, we can all share our work, encourage, and inspire each other. We hope you'll join us.



You can download the slides from JT's presentation by clicking on the link below:

Niche Academy Inspiration to Evaluation.pptx


Jeremy Tuttle (JT)

JT is the Director of Content for Niche Academy. He is a writer, a film editor, and used to run a professional improv theater troupe in Salt Lake.