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Webinar: Digital Citizenship

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Originally presented Feb 6, 2019

In this free one-hour webinar, Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, founder of Digital Respons-Ability, discusses digital citizenship, the ethical and responsible use of technology. This digital citizenship primer will discuss online safety, digital law and digital health. This interactive presentation introduces new video tutorials for both patrons and library staff on the topic of digital citizenship.




The free video tutorials Carrie has created to make it easy to share this information with colleagues and patrons are available here:
Digital Respons-Ability Academy

If you are a Niche Academy customer, you can find these tutorials in the marketplace and add them to your own staff training academy. You'll be able to invite learners to go through the tutorials and track their progress as they complete them.

Here is a link to download the flowchart referenced in the webinar: Digital communication flowchart

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead

Carrie is the CEO of Digital Respons-Ability, a mission-based company researching and working in the area of digital citizenship. Digital Respons-Ability believes in a prevention science approach to preventing unhealthy online behavior that involves the individual, family and community. Prior to founding Digital Respons-Ability, Carrie worked for many years as a librarian, creating award winning programming for youth, adults, and individuals with disabilities. Carrie is the author of the forthcoming book Digital Citizenship: Teaching and Practices in the Field coming out in later Fall 2019. Digital Respons-Ability offers continuing education units that can benefit any educator who works with youth and technology. Contact them for more details.

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