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Webinar: ConnectED: An Academic Library Program Designed to Support and Engage Students

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Originally presented August 18, 2021

How can an academic library foster conditions that help students become academically and socially engaged?

Experience some of the creativity and fun of the ConnectED program with Barb Eshbach as she presents how one academic library developed a program to provide out-of-classroom experiences designed to do just that.

Considering how to make ConnectED a library program (set apart from other events and activities students can participate in on campus), it was decided to frame the program in terms of the five literacies (basic, information, civic and social, health, and financial) of PA Forward, a statewide initiative of the Pennsylvania Library Association.

Some ConnectED programs were developed for academic engagement: helping students develop skills and strategies to improve their academic competence and confidence, leading them to become more engaged in their coursework and improving the quality of their academic experience.

ConnectED social engagement events included opportunities for informative, relevant, and authentic learning experiences as well as activities that were purely social, for the purpose of having fun and connecting with others.

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ConnectED Handout

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ConnectED: A Penn State York Library First-Year Experience

Barb Eshbach

Barb Eshbach, the Head Librarian at Penn State York, received her Master of Science in Library Science from Clarion University and has been with Penn State University Libraries since 2009. Barb has spent her library career in higher education and is passionate about the library as a place for connections, curiosity, and collaboration. Her research focus is on academic library programming and how the academic library can support first-year student success.

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