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Originally presented June 17, 2020

Non-traditional instruction driven by COVID 19 social distancing requires us to ask our learners to spend more time than ever before focused on digital screens for educational purposes. How can we make the most out of those learning moments? Technology rich read-alouds that address best practices are an entertaining and valuable strategy for reaching readers. Andrea Paganelli talks about how to power up library read-alouds using technology.

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Click the link below to download the presentation slides:
Power up your read-alouds.pptx

Click below to read the links Andrea recommends:

Link for access to the screen time data.



Covid 19 impact on screen time.






Link for International Online Children’s Digital Library - Free resource



Link for Epic! Books- Free resource



Lightbox- free demo, pay resource



Copyright resources




Dr. Andrea Paganelli

Andrea Paganelli is an assistant professor, librarian and educational technologist. She is the author of “Power Up Your Read-Alouds Building Reading Excitement through Technology,” served as a guest editor for the “Power to the Pupil: Student Agency in the School Library” issue of “Knowledge Quest” and wrote the article “Storytime in a Digital World: Making a Case for Thinking Outside of the Book” for Knowledge Quest. Check out her blog with Epic! Books “What I Learned from Techno-Parenting Like a Lizard. https://www.getepic.com/learn/what-i-learned-from-techno-parenting-like-a-lizard/

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