A couple of weeks ago, I got the pleasure of interviewing the "founding fathers" of Niche Academy. When I sat down to prepare for the interview I felt called to help more of you see the true nature of our company leaders, Jeromy Wilson, and Jared Oates. I wanted their true colors, beliefs, and selves to emerge. And that is exactly what happened.

I've done quite a bit of interviewing in my lifetime, but this interview made my personal top 5 list. It'll make you laugh, it'll inspire you, and hopefully, give you hope for a future that has more business owners like Jared and Jeromy. They are open-minded, kind, and desire to make a bigger difference.

Not only that, but they have come together to create a learning management system that is easy to use and the #1 most used learning platform by library systems worldwide.

Watch the ~35-minute video below to learn more about our founders, the start of Niche Academy, and their hope for the future of the brand, plus get a front-row experience of the dynamic duo in their truest forms, dad jokes, and all!


Let us know your favorite part of the interview below.

Madalynne Americano

Director of Marketing