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Organizations Using Niche Academy

Scroll through the list below to see organizations that are solving essential problems by delivering immediately accessible training on the Niche Academy platform.

Anderson Public Library

Anderson is a midsized public library located about an hour Northeast of Indianapolis. Anderson Public Library offers a variety of electronic resources including eBooks, streaming music, ready-to-use legal forms, and online language learning tools. Anderson uses Niche Academy to introduce library patrons to these resource and show how to use them, right within their own website.



Better Life Better Care

Providing high quality care to people with developmental disabilities is the total focus of BLBC. Because effective staff training is a prerequisite to quality care, BLBC uses Niche Academy to deliver training to all new employees.


Houston Public Library

As one of the largest and most forward thinking public libraries in the US, Houston offers a large collection of creative tools in a physical environment called a "maker space". Houston uses Niche Academy to quickly show people how to use these tools and get them up and running with their own creative projects.


Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

To meet the diverse needs of more than a million residents of Mecklenburg County North Carolina, this library offers immediately accessible tutorials ranging from classical music appreciation to how to create your first resume.


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