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Better Life Better Care (BLBC)

is a provider of direct care services to individuals with developmental disabilities. BLBC uses Niche Academy to deliver essential training for all employees.

Policies and procedures training

Direct Care providers like BLBC are required to maintain an intimidating quantity of documentation in order to ensure quality of care and to comply with state and federal regulations. Employees need to become familiar with each required document and understand how to complete it and use it to deliver care effectively. Niche Academy provides all BLBC employees with a consistent and repeatable training training experience.

Immediately accessible and easy to use

Managers can enroll employees in the training with just a few clicks. Employees then have immediate access to training that is delivered in bite-sized chunks within a clean and intuitive interface. Each tutorial can be completed at a pace that's comfortable for each learner. 

Progress tracking for each learner

Administrators can see at any moment exactly how much progress each employee has made in their assigned training.

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