Niche Academy increases patron awareness of and usage of your online resources.

Included with a Niche Academy subscription is your own academy full of ready-to-use patron-facing tutorials. Your academy is then plugged into your website, like magic, using a little snippet of code. Your website comes to life with visually appealing video introductions that highlight your electronic resources. Intrigued, patrons can then click a link to open a tutorial that shows them how to access and use the resource. They won’t even have to leave your website.

Niche Academy makes your staff more knowledgeable and efficient.

Staff who help train patrons can use Niche Academy tutorials as quick lesson plans. These tutorials are kept up to date, so staff can be confident they’re giving current information.

Niche Academy also offers a growing list of ready-to-use online staff training for important topics like

How to address issues of homelessness
Effective strategies for community organizing

Administrative staff can review, at any moment, who has completed what training, all without trying to coordinate schedules or get everyone into the same room at the same time.

You can even create your own tutorials to provide consistent instruction on your own local policies and procedures.

It’s really that simple. Niche Academy gives you your own online academy and pops it, like magic, into your website.

Your patrons will enjoy resources they never knew you offered. Your staff will be empowered with the training you’ve always wanted to give them.

Everybody wins.

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