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Online Microlearning for Training Patrons, Students, and Staff

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Microlearning teaches specific skills in short learning units.

Here are some examples of microlearning in libraries.

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How To Use eResources

Niche Academy maintains tutorials for a large and growing list of the most commonly used eResources.

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Research Essentials

A Niche Academy subscription includes a ready-to-use tutorial series introducing new students to academic research.


Employee Onboarding

Create your own training or adapt a tutorial created by a peer library to get new staff up and running efficiently.

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Professional Development

The Niche Academy tutorial marketplace offers hundreds of tutorials including many from peer libraries and partner organizations that can be used as-is or adapted to local requirements.

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Project-Specific Instruction

Use Niche Academy to introduce specific library resources that are useful for common projects, recurring assignments, or individual needs.

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Embedded Tutorials

Niche Academy makes it easy to add a widget (a button, an icon, an image...) to any web page that will open a tutorial right where instruction is needed, without ever leaving that web page. 

Niche Academy in 90 Seconds

Here's a quick intro to Niche Academy.

For Academic Libraries

For Academic Libraries

An authoring tool you'll love


Niche Academy lets you create your own slick tutorials without the overhead of a conventional learning management system. You can quickly create intros, lessons, and quizzes using videos, text, images, downloadable documents... whatever best suits your teaching need.

The authoring interface is so clean, you can toggle between learner and editing modes. The learner view will always be mobile responsive.

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For Public Libraries

For Public Libraries

Niche Academy is a microlearning authoring tool made specifically for libraries. A subscription includes hundreds of ready-to-use tutorials like:

  • How to use common eResources like OverDrive, Mango Languages, and rbDigital.
  • How to Deal with Angry Customers
  • How to Serve Genealogists Now
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For School Libraries

For Schools

Provide always-available instruction for teachers, students and the school community. You can:

  • Show teachers how to use media center materials.
  • Help connect students with specific databases for research projects.
  • Show people how to use eResources.
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