on January 20, 2022 Library Education Webinars

Webinar: Library Violence Prevention and De-escalation

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Originally presented January 19, 2022

Patron management requires the ability to continually assess behaviors throughout these dynamic interactions, making safe and effective communication choices, while managing our own emotions. This can be challenging, and this webinar will help underline how choices can inevitably determine outcomes.

This webinar covers how staff/patron interactions typically affect the level of risk more than the physical environment itself. When we are able to understand that the level of risk is determined by our approach and response to patron behaviors, it becomes clear that we need the skills, confidence and motivation to safely manage these dynamic encounters. Escalated patron behaviors, including threats, occur generally on a continuum rather than suddenly out of nowhere, for no reason.  

Hugh Pelmore, founder of ARETE Safety and Protection, Inc., shares how the right skills and motivation can offer renewed objectivity and increased confidence, which can assist in reducing stress, increasing morale, improving safety, and enhancing customer service.

Core takeaways and learning objectives:

  • ARETE Awareness and Threat Assessment
  • Making Effective Communication Choices
  • Managing the Continuum of Patron Conflict
  • How Service Impacts Safety
  • De-escalation Strategies
  • Safely Managing Unwanted Behaviours
  • Recognition of Warning Signs
  • Safe Response to Threats
  • Contacting Emergency Services
  • Role Play Video Review & Analysis

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Library Violence Prevention and De-escalation

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Hugh Pelmore

Hugh Pelmore is the founder of ARETE Safety and Protection, Inc. and is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced violence prevention experts in North America. Hugh has performed Violence Risk Assessments for public libraries, developed library-specific policies, procedures and emergency response plans, and has facilitated over 5000 workshops for a variety of industry including customized training for Library employees. His real-world approach to patron conflict management and violence prevention continues to receive an overwhelmingly positive response.

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