Doing more with less

Our crystal ball indicates a future where librarians will continue to be asked to do more with less and perform duties far beyond their formal training. And not that our crystal ball has ever been wrong, but this also seems to be what we hear from the librarians we talk to every day.

Niche Academy webinars make an effort to stand in the gap and provide practical information to address problems that librarians are being asked to solve, even though they fall outside the traditional province of librarianship. To date, we've been delighted with the response. 

On this page, you'll find links to our recent webinars. We hope you'll find them useful in the work you do. 

The Fast Track to Community Engagement

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Given live Thursday March 30, 2017

In this one hour live webinar, John Chrastka, Executive Director at EveryLibrary, lays out the essential elements to setting up a successful library card registration and community outreach campaign in your community. 

Who Benefits from Staff Training?

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Given live Thursday November 17, 2016

In the webinar, we highlighted some staff training tutorials that are ready to use today, including a brand new one from our friends at EveryLibrary. We also spoke with Amy Golly at Urbandale Public Library and Michael Porter at Maricopa County Library District that are currently developing staff training on Niche Academy. 

15 Free Ways to Effectively Promote Your Library


Given live Friday October 14, 2016

Battle tested ideas including free online tools, how to get the most out of local media outlets, and much more. All in less than an hour.

In this staff-training webinar we partnered with Kathleen O'Dell, the Community Relations Director at the Springfield Missouri Public Library. Before coming to the Library, Kathleen spent 33 years as a reporter at USA Today as well as for local papers in Texas and Missouri.

Effective Library Responses to Homelessness


Given live Thursday September 8, 2016

Jared Oates, Niche Academy COO, shows how the most effective libraries are acting as a powerful catalyst within their own communities to implement practical and locally relevant solutions.

Ryan Dowd has been working with the homeless for decades and is currently the Executive Director of the second largest homeless shelter in Illinois. Ryan presents actionable advice on dealing with problems that arise every day in the library.

5 Free (Or Very Cheap) Ideas For Beautiful Library Marketing


Given live Wednesday August 17th, 2016 

Most of us in the library world weren't trained to be marketers. We feel constrained by the limits of our expertise and our resources. Luckily, we've found some great free tools and handy tricks that will make you look like a pro. Take 35 min to up your marketing game. We promise you'll be glad you did.

Creating Easy Promotional Graphics


Given live Thursday February 11, 2016

Shows easy to use tools and step-by-step techniques for creating graphics that effectively promote library resources. These graphics can be used in many contexts including web pages, social media, posters, table-top tent cards, emails, and more.

Simplifying Library Marketing


Given live Tuesday December 22, 2015

Presents simple ways to drive up electronic resource utilization.

Interview with Stephen Abram


Given live Thursday September 24, 2015

Stephen is currently the Executive Director of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries. In this interview, he relates some of what he's learned from a recent survey of public perception of libraries in Ontario. This study was commissioned the as part of his library advocacy work with FOPL.

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