Academy Champions Q&A: Suffolk Public Library

If you haven’t seen the Suffolk Public Library website, you should take a look: http://www.suffolkpubliclibrary.com.

The first time I saw their site, I was immediately impressed. The design is visually appealing and doesn’t overwhelm the visitor with information.  It was clearly organized around how patrons would identify themselves and questions patrons would come to the website to ask.

Academy Champions Q&A: Brett Lechtenberg, Personal Safety Expert

A lot of people live in very real fear for their personal safety.

That fear disrupts their happiness and productivity in dramatic ways. For many years now, Brett Lechtenberg has been improving that reality for a lot of people.

We were delighted when Brett decided to expand the reach of his training programs by making them available online. Because he's making a real difference in the world, we're proud to name Brett Lechtenberg as our first Academy Champion.

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