on September 19, 2017 Library Education Webinars

Webinar: How to Influence Politicians for Library Funding

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Originally presented September 19th, 2017

EveryLibrary co-founder Erica Findley presents a #GetOTL Advocacy webinar that explores an effective approach to working with your town, city, county and state funding partners. If you need to secure new funding and or enhance the role of your library across the community, this webinar will help you set up a new approach to 'legislative day' that lasts all year. 

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Get Outside the Lines challenges libraries to be more engaged with their communities. This engagement needs to extend to how you advocate for funding and create coalitions for future success.


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EveryLibrary helps secure funding for libraries at the ballot box. We train, coach, and consult with library communities on Information Only and Vote YES campaigns. EveryLibrary is donor supported in our pro-bono work. We believe that any library campaign anywhere should matter to every library everywhere.